onsdag 6 januari 2010

Beta Evaluation of Change Auditor 5...

I´m just testing/evaluating the next evolutional step of InTrust for Active Directory, Change Auditor 5. Change Auditor is a NetPro product adopted and integrated with one of the best security-auditing/reporting products on the market today, InTrust. This integration was made possible when Quest Software bought NetPro about a year ago and formed a joined roadmap for the products since the AD security monitoring and security Compliance reporting was an integrated part of both products.

My first impression of the new Change Auditor, even if it´s still in the beta-phase, is spelled with one word, WOW! The great capabilities of the Plug-ins/Agents from InTrust with the granular and easy-to-use interface of Change Auditor takes the Security Auditing and Reporting to a new level. I´m really looking forward to each step of the beta program and eager to get my hands on the live product, hopefully during Q2 this year.

To get more information and updated information about the products Intrust and Change Auditor please visit Quest website

Fredrik Pålerud
Senior Infrastructure Consultant,
Microsoft MCT, Quest Certified Product Specialist.

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